Belgium: Somali premier arrives in Brussels

Brussels, May 2, 2018 ( – The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hasan Ali Khayreh, arrived last night in the Belgian capital, Brussels to preside over a meeting on Somalia’s security.

The Somali premier was cordially received there by the Somali ambassador in Brussels, Ali Saeed Fiqi and members of the Somali community there. Mr. Khayre will chair a Somali Security conference which will open there in the coming hours,

The meeting sponsored by the international community will focus on a transitional plan that seeks to transfer security responsibilities from African Union (AU) troops to Somalia’s security forces. Any success of such transitional plan depends on its endorsement by three major constituencies – the AU mission in Somalia (AMISOM), international partners and Somalia.

The international community is fed up with AMISOM forces which have been operating in Somali for the last 10 years but have not achieved any tangible success. Alshabaab attacks are far from over. 

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