At least 35 dead as Sudan troops move against democracy protesters

Sudanese security forces opened fire, torched tents as they cleared away the months-old sit-in that was demanding the military yield power to a civilian transitional body.

Sudan’s ruling military moved to crush the protest movement opposing its grip on power as security forces overran the main sit-in site in the capital Monday, unleashing furious volleys of gunfire, burning down tents, arresting hundreds and killing at least 35 people, witnesses and protest leaders said.

The Sudan Doctors’ Committee said the death toll had risen to at least 35 early Tuesday with the killing of five people in the city’s Bahri district.

The committee said the number was likely to rise as many casualties are still unaccounted for and the dispersal of the sit-in now risks escalating violence even further. 

Scattered by the bloody assault, protesters vowed to keep up their campaign, suspending talks and calling for a general strike and civil disobedience.

They urged nighttime marches across the country.

The attack came on the day before the Eid holiday that ends Ramadan, the holy month when Muslims fast during daylight hours. 

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) announced they will cancel all previous agreements with the main opposition coalition, the council head said in a televised statement, following the deadly violence in the capital.

Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al Burhan said that the coalition was equally responsible for the delay in coming to an agreement.

Burhan said that elections would be held within nine months.

Earlier, the committee said forces were also opening fire inside the city’s East Nile Hospital and “chasing peaceful protesters. ” 

It said another hospital near the site of the sit-in was surrounded and volunteers were prevented from reaching it.

The United States and Britain called for an end to the crackdown on demonstrators, who want the generals behind the overthrow of veteran president Omar al Bashir to hand over to civilian rule.

The European Union also called on Sudan’s military leaders to allow people to protest peacefully and urged a speedy transfer of power to civilians.

TRT World spoke to Mukerrem Miftah, Horn of Africa expert at Social Sciences University of Ankara, for his analysis.

TRT –  – 04.06.2019

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