At least 15 Burundi soldiers killed in South Somalia, vehicles destroyed

Qoryoley, July 27 (Hornnews24) – – At least 15 Burundi soldiers have been killed and many others have been injured on Saturday when Alshabaab Islamic fighters ambushed an Burundi military convoy in an area between Qoryoley and Balad town of Somalia’s Lower Shabelleh Region.

According to initials reports at least three military vehicles were annihilated while its occupants were either killed or wounded.  A spokesman for the Alqaida-linked group, Alshabab, has confirmed the death of the Burundi soldiers.

Le responsable d’Alshabaab a également confirmé que son groupe avait confisqué diverses armes, munitions et autres équipements militaires appartenant aux forces étrangères défaites.

Neither Somalia nor Burundi has commented on the deadly offensive. Al Shabaab controls large swathes of south and central Somalia. The group wants to drive out the foreign peacekeepers and topple Somalia’s western-backed government to impose Islamic Sharia law on the country.

The Islamic fighters have ramped up their attacks and ambushes against the Somali government soldiers and foreign troops.

Somalia has been in a state of chaos and lawlessness since the early 1990s, when Dictator Mohammad Siad Barreh was toppled by clan-based warlords.

The Somali government has left no stone unturned to try to defeat the Islamists with the support of foreign troops and US air strikes but still in vain.

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