Alshabaab’s Press Release: 17 U.S. soldiers and 9 Kenyans killed in a Military base attack

Islamist group, Alshabaab, has issued a press statement on attack launched on Sunday by the group on Military base used by US soldiers inside Kenya in which a number of soldiers were killed and several US warplanes were destroyed.

Following is the full text of Alshabaab’s press release:

17 U.S. casualties and 9 Kenyans killed

10 Jamadul Awal 1442H (January 05, 2020 – After more than ten hours of intense firefight in which the Mujahideen courageously fought against the American forces in the heavily fortified U.S. naval base in Manda Bay, Kenya, HASM press office has been able to ascertain that the U.S. forces stationed at the naval base suffered a humiliating defeat, with more than 17 battle casualties, while nine Kenyan soldiers were killed in the attack.

By the blessing of Allah alone, the Mujahideen have also managed to destroy seven aircraft and more than five military vehicles in the attack, while setting much of the military base on fire.  All praise is due to Allah alone who has enabled His soldiers to crush His enemies.

U.S. African Command’s incoherent response to the attack and its persistent attempts to downplay the significance of the U.S. navel base at Manda Bay and underrate its importance as a strategic component of its unjust war against Islam has been laid bare for all to witness.  Refuting the irrefutable and sticking your head in the sand will not save your soldiers.  The Mujahideen have always been meticulously consistent with their facts and corroborated them with hard evidence; therefore, with the evidence published, the onus is on U.S. AFRICOM to disprove the claims of the Mujahideen.

The intense battle that has been raging since early morning and the U.S. soldiers’s inability to fend off an attack by just a handful of steadfast Muslim men, stands as a true testament to the power of faith over faithlessness and belief over disbelief.  But while the Mujahideen make it their priority to strike the Americans in their most heavily fortified military bases, the cowardly crusaders, on the other hand, have made it a habit to carry out a systematic campaign of terror-bombing against the unarmed Muslims, strafing villages from above and indiscriminately bombarding innocent women and children in hospitals and market areas.

The Mujahideen will, by the Will of Allah, continue targeting the American invaders, until they are expelled from all Muslim lands. Allah is our protector and He, the Almighty, suffice us.

End of Alshabaab’s press release.

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