Alshabaab repulses an offensive on Janalleh town by joint US-Somali forces

Jannaleh, 21st February 2020 (Hornnews24) – Heavily armed islamic fighters have repulsed a mid-night offensive waged by US-Somali joint forces on Janalleh town, south Somalia.

The fighting has erupted in the vicinity of the town between the joint forces and Al-Qaida-linked group known as Alshabab.  Local residents confirmed that Alshabaab has fully thwarted the attack.

After the US and Somali troops had retreated US drones carried out airstrikes on residential areas but no casualties were reported.

 The US has carried out a growing number of drone strikes in the Horn of Africa nation in coordination with Somalia’s government. The US carried out more than 30 drone strikes last year in Somalia after President Donald Trump approved expanded military efforts against al-Shabaab.

Somali government says that Al-Shabaab is like a lost crocodile thrown out from the river but the reality is that Alshabaab is actually puissant and potent in terms of social, political and military capabilities; not just in Somalia, but also in the wider East Africa region.

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