Alshabaab Islamic fighters overrun Daynunay military base at the suburb of Bai regional capital, Baidoa

Baydoa, June 7, 2018 (Hornnews24) – Heavily armed Alshabaab islamists have seized Thursday morning Daynunay military base at the suburb of Baidoa, the Bai regional capital.

According to the local people Al-Kaida-linked Alshabaab fighters have managed to route the government soldiers in disarray after several hours of fire exchange confiscating arms and ammunition depot and other military equipment as well.

Daynunay base was the biggest military base at the region and its fall is great victory for the islamists and severe blow to the South west autonomous state of Somalia.  The poorly equipped government soldiers have made themselves scarce in less than an hour of fighting.

The casualties of the fighting is not still known as details are sketchy and neither Alshabaab and nor South west state has comment on it.

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