Alshabaab Islamic fighters kill 15 Kenyan soldiers in an ambush

Nairobi, June 18 ( – At least 15 soldiers of Kenya Defence Forces have been killed and dozens of others have been wounded on Sunday in Wajir County when Alshabaab Islamic fighters ambushed a Kenyan military convoy in northeast Kenya.

But Kenyan government has confirmed the death of only 8 of its soldiers and said that the Alshabaab attack was repulsed by Kenyan defence forces.  A military spokes man said “The encounter resulted in a one hour gun battle that ended with the assailants retreating.”

According to radio Andulus, affiliated with Alshabaab Islamic fighters, 15 Kenyan soldiers were killed and a military vehicle was destroyed in the ambush which occurred on Sunday in Wajir County, some 630 kilometres north of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The Al Qaeda affiliated fighters have been launching attacks on Kenya after the government sent its troops to the neighbouring Somalia to help the Somali government defeat Alshabaab.

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