Alshabaab declares war against Da’ish (Islamic State)

Mogadishu (Hornnews24) – Somalia’s Alshabaab Islamic fighters have declared a decisive war against members of Islamic Sate known as Da’ish in Somalia.

A communiqué issued by the Alqaida-linked group has accused Islamic State members of espionage, enemy collaboration and attempting to split the Muslims.  

The communiqué has appealed to Alshabaab fighters to wipe out and eliminate the Da’ish members in Somalia describing them as a cancer in the society.

 A Daesh faction in Somalia has grown significantly over the past year, carrying out attacks in Somalia.  The group captured the town of Qandala in Puntland’s Bari region in October 2016, declaring it the seat of the Islamic Caliphate in Somalia.

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