Alshabaab captures combat vehicle from Somali government forces

Mogadishu, February 13, 2019 (Hornnews24) – Somali security forces have lost at least one combat vehicle on Monday when Islamic Fighters known as Alshabaab ambushed government forces in the central Lower Shabelleh Region, South Somalia.

The group has captured a vehicle mounted with heavy machine gun during the fighting between the two sides. The group gained ample arms, ammunition and other equipment along with the combat military vehicle.

Somalia’s weak government is a non-starter and relies politically and militarily on foreign military might and financial support.

Alshabaab has established an effective state within a state. They collect taxes in all major towns and operate justice system.  Many Somali citizens even in the capital Mogadishu go to Alshabaab Islamic courts in some Kilometres away.


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