Alshabaab attacks Kenyan Military Base in Kulbiyow in Somalia

Al-Qaida-linked fighters known as Alshabaab Mujahedeen have launched an onslaught on Kenyan Defense Force military installation at Kulbiyow village of the lower Jubba region in Somalia last night.

According to witnesses, the two sides exchanged gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades during the fighting which lasted for at least an hour.

Alshabaab claimed responsibility for the attack but gave no details. As it was a night time, reporters have no access to the base and therefore the casualties are not known.

An attack by Alshabaab on the same military base in 2017 killed more than 70 Kenyan soldiers and destroyed dozens of armoured vehicles.

Somali Government

Somalia’s weak government has condemned the attack on the Kenyan military base but ignored and turned a deaf ear to the bombardment of the Kenyan war planes last night in Somalia’s villages which killed a number of civilians including women and children.

January 06, 2020

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