Somalia: Islamic Fighters Seize Strategic Town, El-Wak

El-wak, June 6, 2018 (Hornnews24) – Al-Shabaab group has yesterday taken full control of El-Wak town without any resistance, a strategic town which lies on the border between Kenya and Somalia.

According to local residents, Somali government soldiers there fled away for their lives before Al-Shabaab entered the town.  Hundreds of heavily armed Islamic fighters were seen combing the streets of the town wielding machine guns.

Reports revealed that Alshabaab men had given speeches in a square of the town urging the people take up arms and fight against the Somali government soldiers and the foreign forces before it was too late.

Al-Qaida-linked Islamic fighters have increased their attacks in during this holy month, Ramadan. On Tuesday 2 lawmakers from the autonomous state of Hirshabelleh together with their bodyguards and 10 army officers were killed in an ambush carried out by Alshabaab while last Friday more than 70 government soldiers were killed by the group in Moqokori town in the central regions of Somalia after Alshabaab attacked their base.

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