Al-Shabaab executes a man by a firing squad for killing two people

Saakooy, July 29, 20018 (hornnews24) – Al-Shabaab court in Somalia publicly executed on Saturday in Sakow town a man accused of killing two people (a father and his son) in the same town.

Ali Mohamed Ali, 51, has been executed by Alshabaab fighters after he was found guilty by an Al-Shabaab court in Sakow district of lower Jubba region.

He has been charged with poisoning and killing the two men, Adan Ali Nur and his son Ali Adan Ali, who died after consuming poisoned food given to them by Ali Mohamed Ali who pleaded guilty.  The motive of the killing was not clear.

Hundreds of local residents gathered to witness the killing which was announced earlier on Saturday. The locals in the area have witnessed regular executions carried out by Alshabaab Islamic sharia courts.

 Alshabaab has killed by firing squad many Kenyans and Somalis who were found guilty of spying for foreign intelligence. In areas under its control, al Shabaab has carried out executions, floggings and amputations after trials in cases ranging from espionage to theft.

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