Somalia: Ahmed Islam re-elected as Jubbaland state president

Kismaio, August 22 (Hornnews24) – The autonomous federal state of Jubaland in Somalia has today elected Ahmed Islam Mohammed Madobe as its third time president.

Ahmed Madoobe has mauled his closest rival, Anab Mohamed Dahir, in the first round as he garnered 56 of 74 parliamentary votes while she has gained only 17 votes.

The central government in Mogadishu said on Saturday it would not recognise the vote’s result, saying the candidate selection process had violated the national constitution. Mogadishu has accused the regional leader of interfering in the process.

 Kenya supported Madobe’s re-election whereas Ethiopia wanted him out because he was a one-time ally who was born in the Ogaden region of that country, but later abandoned them when he moved south to Jubaland.

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