30 Government soldiers surrender to Al-shabaab in two days

MOGADISHU, July 19, 2019 (Hornnews24) – Somali government soldiers have been reportedly defecting to Alshabaab Islamic Fighters recently in multitudes.

At least 30 government soldiers have surrendered in the last two days to Alshabaab fighters in Somalia’s lower Shabelleh province. The Alqaida-linked group has paraded 30 young men of Somali government soldiers who defected to the group willingly.

Alshabaab has likewise in the past shown publicly defectors from the Somali National Army and its affiliate states. Speaking to journalists shortly after surrendering to Alshabaab, the defectors denounced what they called the brutality, atrocities and barbarism as well as human rights violations committed by the Somali soldiers together with the foreign Ethiopian troops in the region.

They said that the government soldiers had routinely raped women, looted properties and killed scores of innocent civilians. The soldiers further divulged that they had been denied their basic rights. Somali government has not so far commented on the defection of its soldiers.


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